Friday, May 6, 2011

a scattering....

Oh my, what a long time it has been since I posted here! life has been so crazy busy. God is good, I am full of sin, and yet He loves me anyways.

The semester is almost done (!), and that leaves me with one more year before going out into the world and putting my training to use! So much has happened in the last semester, I have grown so much, sometimes I think that I might have fallen back - you know the old two steps forward one step back? That's me.

I have come to a new and wonderful understanding of what God has in store for me! He has been so wonderful to me in answering my prayers that He would give me a passion and train me to work for it. He has blown me away with the things that He is doing to answer that prayer for me. I have a huge growing passion for the Middle East, and I love arguing about it with people who think that single, blond, Christian girls like me should not go and put themselves into one of the hardest ministries out there. (sorry Gabe, if you are reading this... It's not true!). God has such HUGE things in store for each of His children. How are we going to get there? I really don't know.

My friend today was trying to encourage me in this crazy last week of school, and he told me this: I don't believe that you can do it Donna, but I do believe that the Spirit within you can. And that's what matters. I could not agree more, me on my own is worth nothing, can do nothing, and is not open to doing anything. but if you put the Holy Spirit inside of me, and give Him free reign, the possibilities are endless!

Remember dear friends, you have more power within you than you could ever imagine!